∞ + 1 = ∞
A, 2007, HighRes digital, colour, 10’
Conception, objects and design, screenplay, animation, camera and digital editing: Iby-Jolande Varga
Music composed and performed by Stephen Ferguson

5 kinetic triptychs. Reflections on life at the turn of the millennium: BIG BANG – RECYCLING CITY – WINDOW SHOPPING – VIRTUAL PETS – CHANNEL HOPPING.

LOOPS is inspired by neologisms and by a mathematical formula that counterpoints the individual with the infinity. In the film it is the biggest loop ever between the beginning and the end of our universe that is set against the every day life of human beings in civilisation. On a second level there is a loop between the world and the world shown and seen through the modern media, where the universe, the civilisation and the human being itself is mirrored.

The design of LOOPS is inspired by devotional installation-like pictures, which use to be of dense, precious and detailed structure. They occupy the eye with a rich allegoric world, where every element is related to the idea, but where every part is aesthetically autonomous at the same time.

The music by Stephen Ferguson is reflecting the film’s dramaturgy in a quasi-piano-concerto accompanied with an opulent 100 track sound composition.

Three-dimensional objects with movable parts designed for animation, all of which were specially made for the film. Filmed in stop motion technique with digital camera. Digitally edited frame-by-frame and mounted as sequences.

Produced with a grant from the City of Vienna Cultural Office.
Premiere: European Media Art Festival 2007

DVD specials: Production diary illustrated with about 380 pictures.
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