Animation film in two parts by Iby-Jolande Varga

Opus 2, A 1990, 16mm, colour, 5’15”
Idea, script, objects, animation, stop motion camera, editing: Iby-Jolande Varga
Music: PIANO MUSIC by Stephen Ferguson

Animation techniques: Painted animation, cutout, animated pop-up book
Animation film in two parts, part 2: TOWARDS THE OCEAN

First Austrian Youth Prize 1988 for the pop-up book and for the film.
Produced with a grant by the Austrian Ministry for the Arts.
Premiere: Österreichische Film Tage Wels 1990

Animated pop-up book with painted animation sequences.

“New Crystals” is the expression of an eruptive and enthusiastic start into a new way of expression that was hidden like lava in the rocks. After the outburst it turns into shining crystals in a long and painstaking process.
“New Crystals” were on one hand a reminiscence of Iby-Jolande Varga’s childhood enthusiasm for mineralogy and on the other hand an allegory for the new art form animation film that she discovered for herself after she had finished her music studies.

Iby-Jolande Varga looked out for music that should have the piano as the central instrument and that should be combined with electronic effects. The electronics meant as part of its musical expression and not embellishment only. By chance she got to know Stephen Ferguson’s “Piano Music” and knew immediately that this music captured the passionate feeling toward life and arts that should be transported by the film.

Therefore, the film was edited on basis of the music; neither the visuals were inspired by the music nor the music was composed to the film – the two elements are autonomous.

DVD specials: Slideshow with about 70 pictures; pop-up book, construction plans and several painted animation sequences.

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