Iby-Jolande Varga
February 2010
Iby-Jolande Varga
July 2003


“I was born into a family of artists and writers – painters, sculptors, poets, playwrights. When, however, I came to discover an art form for myself it was music. It became my own world. I went on to study piano at the Vienna University of Music. Nevertheless, the pictorial arts remained a natural way for me to express myself, just as if they were my mother tongue. So after my music studies, I decided to combine these two worlds using animation. Ever since then I have been making animation films.

Making animation films today is part of a whole range of multimedia disciplines I am involved in. I do web design, video films, mainly of musicians, Flash animation and -programming; I design exhibitions and do artwork for print, both for official and private commissions. Here again, I work mainly for people and organisations involved with music and the music business. I am member of several creative teams, like The Amplifyers (contemporary composers’ portraits) und Music Adventure Factory (computer games).”

   Background and Childhood
   Music Studies
   Animation Film
   Video, Webdesign and Multimedia
   Working for the University of Music, Vienna
   Music&Media & Haus der Musik Projects
   Prizes & Awards

Iby-Jolande Varga was born in Vienna, Austria in 1961.
She grew up surrounded by fine arts in her family’s ateliers and workshops (workshops of graphic artists, painters, sculptors, goldsmiths, ceramics), and acquired a wide range of artistic techniques and crafts. She worked from her early youth in the family workshop and for many exhibitions in Austria and abroad.
Her piano studies began when she was nine.
She attended the Rudolf-Steiner-Schule Vienna (Mauer), Matura (exc.) 1979.


With 2000 pictures - drawings, objects, books; animatons, games, texts from the first 20 years of Iby-Jolande Varga
Book (2023). 21x21 cm, 2350 pictures., 440 pages; animated video improvisation (1998) and CD-Rom (2001), combined on a DVD-Rom (2010).
Iby-Jolande Varga
at the age of 4, from a series of photographs by Alfred Götz, 1966
MUSIC STUDIES Iby-Jolande Varga
Iby-Jolande Varga
playing the piano…
From 1981-1985 Iby-Jolande Varga studied piano and piano teaching at the University of Music in Vienna, with the professors Manfred Wagner-Artzt and Harald Ossberger. Her further musical education was focussed on contemporary music (e.g. 1985 International Bartók Seminar Szombathely, Vienna Days of Contemporary Piano Music 1993 – focus: John Cage and 1994 focus: George Crumb, and, more recently Piano Music Notation of the 20th Century, with Carol Morgan in 2010).
She held seminars on music and studied media theory at the Music University (with the professors Gottfried Kraus, Maximilian Blumencron, 1986/87), part of this were radio shows in Ö1.

Her four large typographic paintings were exhibited at the entrance hall of the Vienna Music University. Zoom and explore.
Since 1987 – Animation film Iby-Jolande Varga
Iby-Jolande Varga
Iby-Jolande Varga
in the animation film studio
Since 1987 she has concentrated on filmmaking. In 1987 she took part in a five-day animation workshop at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, which was held by Hubert Sielecki. She continued from there as a self-taught filmmaker. Her aim was to develop a very personal film language, which should reflect her specific background in arts and music.
Since 1987 – Studio
Since 1987 Iby-Jolande Varga was continuously building up her own animation film studio with 16mm and digital cameras: She started with a super8-camera with the possibilities of single frame filming and of making manual adjustments. Shortly after that she worked with a wonderful Arriflex ST 16mm camera with a set of 5 objectives and a single frame generator, which was specially built for her. She has produced five animation films with this camera: NEW CRYSTALS and TOWARDS THE OCEAN 1990, LITTLE SCULPTURE GARDEN 1995, SPELLS 1997, SOAP BUBBLE OPERA 1999.

Since about 2002 it is possible to make animation films with sequences of photos, shot with a digital still image camera. They can potentially be printed on 35mm film (2K resolution). Before that the technical systems and hard discs were not really powerful enough for this workflow. The first film produced with this technology was LOOPS ∞ + 1 = ∞ 2007.

The digital format was inspiring to use those picture sequences also in multimedia-projects, specially in interactive productions. SOUND GARDENS 2013 is an interactive stop motion film, with a later short film version (2015).

Since about 2020 360° technology is added, both for filming and interactive VR tours. To be found for example in the new experimental PLASMA – Wood-Book Study III (2023) or in the VR-Version und 360° world for MUSICOSMICA (2023).
since 2007
Member of ASIFA Austria, Association International du Film d’Animation


Since 1999 Iby-Jolande Varga
Iby-Jolande Varga
filming for videos of musicians

Iby-Jolande Varga
April 2011
Since 1999 Iby-Jolande Varga has done video, web design and multimedia, working mainly for musicians. She has cooperated in large music and media projects. Her film studio has been extended with multimedia workstations and peripherals, video cameras in HD, 6K und 360° 8K.

Own projects and commissioned projects

Without work for the Music University and without Special Music Presentation projects

Websites – Own Projects:
Legend: D=Development G=Graphics M=Maintenance
  • since 2000 design and continuous development of an own website,
  • since 2002 under the address www.filmkunst.at
  • practical information around web design, multimedia development, DVD authoring and video production, illustrated with many examples is to be found in the filmkunst-studio
  • since 2000 artists' portraits from the family, Angela Varga, Ida Varga-Móricz and Keramik Varga (the family ceramics studio), Feri Varga, Peter King, Clive Sheppard. These websites are to be found since a few years at www.kunstschau.at
  • since 2003 website D, G, M for the Music Adventure Factory www.musicadventurefactory.com (meanwhile archived)
  • since 2006 collection and D, G, M of several domains for special projects and little web portals:
    www.musiktheorien.at (meanwhile archived)
    www.musikspiele.at (meanwhile archived)
    www.animationsfilme.at (meanwhile archived)

Websites – commissioned:
Legend: D=Development G=Graphics M=Maintenance
  • since 2002 website D, G, M as well as print design (folders, posters), video documentations and DVD-authoring for the Vienna International Pianists www.pianists.at
  • since 2002 website D, G, M and photography for the Klavier-Atelier,
    Mag. Gert Hecher www.hecherpiano.com
  • 2002–2004 website D, G, M for the Stadtinitiative Wien concerts
  • 2002–2011 website D, G, M for the Märchenbühne Der Apfelbaum
  • 2003 website D, G, M, logo and print design Legasthenie Dyskalkulie Praxis Mag. Christine Wytrzens www.legastheniepraxis.at
  • since 2008 website D, G, M for Wienführungen with Cornelia Madl www.wienfuehrungen.at
Multimedia – own projects:
Development, design, animation and programming, DVD authoring
  • Die bunten Sachen, Colourful Things DVD-Rom with video 2010
    ISBN: 978-3-9502873-1-8 with 2000 pictures – drawings, objects, little books, animations, games, texts from the first 20 years if Iby-Jolande Varga
  • Iby-Jolande Varga, Animation Films Video-DVD with DVD-Rom part 2010
    ISBN: 978-3-9502873-0-1 with all animation films, many specials, making-of documentations and interactive DVD-Rom part „Virtual Sound Sculptures 2000”, comes with a booklet. 2023 available with QR-Code inlay for HD-Streams
  • Klanggärten Sound Gardens Video-DVD with DVD-Rom part 2013
    ISBN 978-3-9502873-2-5 with an early longer version of the film and a DVD-Rom part with the interactive animation film as the original game (produced with the support by Haus der Musik, Vienna)

Already during her student time and regularly since 1990 she has worked at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna (Institute for Music Analysis, Phonothek), first as a member of staff then as a freelancer. At present she is responsible for web and multimedia developmen for special projectst, exhibition design and project presentations. Here are some productions in chronological order:

Project lead Univ.Prof. Dr. Martin Eybl and Dr. Marko Deisinger (from 2019 on)
Project lead Univ.Prof. Dr. Gerold W. Gruber
since 2016 Exilarte Centre at the mdw
  • since 2007. Logo and website development, design and maintenance,
    including the editing of photos, music and video for publishing.
  • since 2008 print design for exil.arte events, invitations, posters, programme folders, brochures.
  • 2009 BOHUSLAV MARTINU-JUBILEE – Martinu Revisited
    Programme brochure / book and posters – complete design
  • 2010 exil.arte database presentation
    DVD-authoring and Flash-online-special
    Poster and programme brochure for the Symposium at the Konzerthaus VIenna
  • 2012 Re-design of the website
  • 2013/2014 Video film documentation at concerts, as with Jeremy Schonfeld; since 2016 concert series at the ORF RadioCafé
  • 2016 filmmusik.exilarte.at with interactive information graphics, drawn portraits of the composers, and an intro-video, with an original score composed by Stephen Ferguson as a musical style history in 6 miniatures:
  • 2016 Jubilee brochure 10 Years of exil.arte
  • 2017 Disigning the book „Music – Lost & Found“ (published by Verlag Der Apfel)
  • 2016–2020 Videos from concerts, concert series „Echeso of the Unheard“ at ORF RadioCafé & at the mdw
  • 2021 Logo re-design
  • 2022 360° VR Tour and catalogue for the exhibition:
    „EIN LIED FÜR DICH – Marta Eggerth und Jan Kiepura zwischen zwei Welten“
  • 2023 360° VR Tour and catalogue for the exhibition:
    „FRITZ KREISLER – Ein Kosmopolit im Exil. Vom Wunderkind zum ‚König der Geiger‘“

Bilateral EU-project (Austria – Slovakia) on Ancient Music
M.A.E.D. project lead Univ.Prof. Dr. Gerold W. Gruber
  • 2010 logo and website development, design and maintenance, including the editing of photos, music and video for publishing
  • 2010–2012 Documentation of all event-blocks with photo and HD-video:
    • Nov. 2010 pilot events (project presentation at Haus der Musik, Vienna, concert, St. Peter's Church Vienna)
    • March 2011 Workshops with focus on wind instruments, with 2 concerts (Dolná Krupa castle, Trnava, SK)
    • March 2011 Workshops with focus on keyboard instruments, with concert (Joseph Haydn Conservatory, Esterházy castle, Eisenstadt, Burgenland A)
    • April 2011 Workshops with focus on string instruments, with 2 concerts (Schloss Hof castle, Lower Austria)
    • March 2012 Music theory and peformance workshops as well as children's workshops with 2 concerts (VSMU Bratislava, SK)
    • April 2012 Symposium Vienna, Music University, concert at Altes Rathaus
  • 2011 Photo documentation of the workshops and Interactive terminal (video-DVD) for the Accentus Musicalis travelling exhibition, e.g. shown at Haus der Musik Vienna, November 2011
  • 2012 Video editing and DVD-authoring (published 2013)
    • 7 hours of HD-video documentation, 10 workshops and 9 concerts
    • 4 DVDs, edition with the video films, all of the pictures and information from the exhibition, around 50 screens/menues per language version (de/sk), slideshows with edited music
    • Booklet with 28 pages
  • Long Trailer with 19 video miniatures from all productions
    Accentus Musicalis

further productions for the Music University Vienna
The following two websites went offline 2013 / 2014 due to the Corporate Design rules of the University.
But you can still find a selection of screenshots here:

MUSIC PRESENTATION – Projects until about 2006
Projekt Partiturfilm The Score Film Project
A project by Iby-Jolande Varga
In development since 1992, Theodor Körner-Prize 1994
Information about the Score Film Project aAmplify Austrian Art Music Productions Online
A project by Stephen Ferguson, initiated in 2000
  • Multimedia elemnts: Internet radio, video-webclips, zoomable autographs, scores and handwritings, slideshows, albums and photo series
  • Video documentation for all together 16 Austrian contemporary composers (2000–2004 / 2010)
    • 2000 Bertl Mütter (the other composers in 2000, Thomas Heinisch, Angela Berann, Thomas Dézsy, Rupert Huber, Yuki Morimoto, Martin Siewert, Robert Wildling were the first composers on aAmplify, before the video documentations began)
    • 2001 Clemens Gadenstätter, Johannes Maria Staud, Karlheinz Essl, Wolfgang Suppan, Johanna Doderer, Alexander Stankovski
    • 2002 Olga Neuwirth, Simeon Pironkoff, Wolfgang Mitterer, Christian Utz, Elisabeth Schimana, Katharina Klement, Nancy van de Vate
  • Exhibition „aAmplify – 23 Austrian Contemporary Composers” at Haus der Musik Vienna (2009-2010), about 40 panels, 2 interactive terminals (audio station and offline-website)
  • aAmplify Film documentation, 60 minutes, with 15 composers' portraits, 4 min. each (2014)
Interactive Animation and Sound Games
since 2000, projects by Iby-Jolande Varga, see also
www.musikspiele.at MUSICOSMICA – A Journey into the Universe of Music
SInce 1997 animation film and multimedia project by Iby-Jolande Varga
About Musicosmica
  • First ideas 1997 as „A Little Cosmology of Music”
  • 2000 Flash game around the background story
  • Development of a story for an animation film, working title MUSICOSMOLOGIA, finished in 2012
  • around 200 objects were created 2009–2013 partly to tell the story but also as visualisations in the context of music theory
  • 2013 finalised pre-production including scoring in advance by Stephen Ferguson and test animations
  • Started the animation filming and production 2014, stop motion and montage
  • Finished in 2023
Since 2000 – Gabriele Eder-Lindinger, Morten Solvik, Iby-Jolande Varga
Team for the development of artistic and didactic interactive music projects
  • Since 2002 development of projects, mainly for the CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS after Camille Saint-Saëns, in collaboration with Iby-Jolande Varga (objects, animation, programming, design of a picture book, exhibition at Haus der Musik in 2008)
Since 2016

A new design for the permanent exhibition in the first composing hut of Gustav Mahler in Steinbach am Attersee. With Morten Solvik (curator, conception, texts), Gretl Satorius (concept and redaction) und Leah Batstone (permissions), opened at a new 3-day Gustav Mahler Festival.
SPECIAL EXHIBITION: Since 2017 special exhibitions take place that can be visited for one year.

  • 2017: MAHLER, BRAHMS AND BICYCLING (Curator: Styra Avins). Mahler went by bicycle from Steinbach to Bad Ischl to visit Brahms, the exhibition was also paying hommage to the 200 year anniversary of the invention of the bicycle!
  • 2018: MAHLER AND DES KNABEN WUNDERHORN (Curator: Renate Stark-Voit). Deeper insights about Mahler's Wunderhorn compositions.
  • 2019 MAHLER, THE WANDERER (Curator: Christian Glanz
  • 2021 ARTISTS' SUMMER RETREAT AT ATTERSEE (Curator: Erich Weidinger)
  • 2022 NATALIE BAUER-LECHER – Musician, Author, Dialogue Partner, Companion (Curator: Martina Bick).
  • 2023 MAHLER AND SPIRITUALITY (Curator: Alexander Odefey).
since 2020 360° Tour in the composing hut, also you can visit all Special exhibitions 2016–2023 virtually

Further projects:
2019 Brochure „GUSTAV MAHLER in Steinbach am Attersee“
based on texts from the opening by Herta Blaukopf 1985 with 5 Augmented-Reality videos
2023 A new sujet for the festival

More news and Impressions on the News page

A few minutes of animations for
JASON STARR: MAHLER'S TITAN – The Romance, Death and Triumph of a Young Musician

2018 / 2019

The rich world of musical and extra-musical sources of inspiration for Gustav Mahler's 1st. Symphony is illustrated by animations in this documentary. They are based on historical material (see more details in the German version of this page). Technically they are mostly realized with cut-out animations, and some rotoscopy sequences. The very diverse sources were stylistically merged by some very special digital effects.

Die reiche Welt der außermusikalischen Inspirationsquellen für Gustav Mahlers 1. Symphonie wurde in dieser Dokumentation mit Hilfe von Animationen erfahrbar gamacht. Technisch in erster Linie mit elektronischen Cut-Out Animationen umgesetzt, kamen auch einige Rotoskopie-Sequenzen zum Einsatz. Vereinheitlichtend wirken spezielle digitale Effekte, die die unterschiedlichen Quellen miteinander verbinden.
  • „Absolute Music vs Programme-Music“ Based on steel etchings from the 19th century and explanational texts.
  • „How the Animals buried the Hunter“ After the famous wood etching by Moritz von Schwind.
  • „Der Trumpeter of Säckingen“ Based on the title illustration for Scheffel's work and its contents.
  • „Peasant dance“ Based on historical wood etchings illustrations and dances.
  • „Boat Scene“ With the protagonists introduced earlier in the film, and a historical boat illustration.
  • „Roquairol“ inspred by reading the episode from the „Titan“ novel by Jean Paul.
  • „The unbound Prometheus“ inspred by reading the verse epos by Siegfried Lipiner.
  • Design of illustrations for the titles, video editing of the end sequence, and montage for DVD-Cover and a poster.
Synopsis, Trailer, Credits, DVD and (payed) streaming service of the whole film

Since 2017
  • 2017 Design of the folder, poster and book „Erinnerung stiften: HELENE BERG und das Erbe Alban Bergs”, edited by Daniel Ender, Martin Eybl and Melanie Unseld, published by Universal Edition – based on a series of automata photos!
  • 2019 Design of the book »… eine würdige und dauernde Gedenkstätte …« 50 Jahre Alban Berg Stiftung, edited by Daniel Ender, published by Universal Edition.
  • 2020 Design of the book „Zuhause bei Helene und Alban Berg. Eine Bilddokumentation“ by Daniel Ender, published by böhlau
  • 2023 Design of the book „Berg im Bild“ von Daniel Ender, published by böhlau

Projects for HAUS DER MUSIK Vienna
Since 2008
Special: Max Steiner Award – design of the Trophy
SInce 2009 (new deisgn in 2015) awarded every year at the Gala Hollywood in Vienna to famous international film composers, more information, making-of, and photos on the news page
  • So far awarded to John Barry (2009), Howard Shore (2010), Alan Silvestri (2011), Lalo Schifrin (2012),
    James Horner (2013), Randy Newman (2014), James Newton Howard (2015), Alexandre Desplat (2016), Danny Elfman (2017), Hans Zimmer (2018), Gabriel Yared (2019)

1988 First Austrian Youth Prize
1993 Grant (scholarship for film artists running time: one year) from the Ministry of Arts
1994 Theodor Körner Prize for Arts and Science
2000 Honorable Mention at the Austrian Film Prizes BKA

You can find news, like festival participations, project presentations and film screenings at the
and more detailed information directly in the
of this website.

Documentation of ongoing artistic work and exhibitions:

Iby-Jolande Varga
Production 1988 - 1990: Neue Kristalle – New Crystals
Animation film in two parts, part 2: TOWARDS THE OCEAN
A 1990, 16mm, colour, 5’15” LAVA ERUPTION RIGIDITY CRYSTALS
Animated pop-up book with painted animation sequences.
With PIANO MUSIC by Stephen Ferguson.
Animation film in two parts, part 1: NEW CRYSTALS
A 1990, 16mm, colour, 6’35”
40 animated puzzles. With PIANO MUSIC by Stephen Ferguson.
Hin zum Ozean – Towards the Ocean
(Both) First Austrian Youth Prize for the project,
produced with a grant by the Ministry of Arts BMUK.
Premiere: 1990 Österreichische Film Tage Wels
Production 1991 - 1995: Kleiner Skulpturen Garten – Little Sculpture Garden
A 1995, 16mm, colour, 10’15”
The garden is made up of 10 three-dimensional animated sculptures.
With music composed by Stephen Ferguson.
Produced with a scholarship for filmmakers by the Ministry of Arts BMUK.
Premiere: 1996, Paris, Centre Pompidou
Production 1994 - 1997: Zaubersprüche – Spells
A 1997, 16mm, colour, 10’30”
Animation film, part of the PROJECT SCORE FILM, developed for composers. The film SPELLS is based on the a capella choir composition by Heinz Kratochwil and on his autographs. I MERSEBURGER, II FAIRY TALES, III WASHING POWDER ADVERTISING SLOGANS. Sounddesign by Stephen Ferguson.
Theodor Körner Prize 1994 for the project and for the film,
produced with a grant by the Ministry of Science and Arts. BM:WFK
Premiere Part I: 1995, Albertina Vienna
Premiere: 1997, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna

Production 1996 - 2000:

Soap Bubble Opera
A 1999, 16mm, colour, 23’
Animation film, created out of a huge collection of junk mail and advertising flyers, price tags, objects from consumer culture, self-made objects and 180 drawings. In III acts. With music composed by Stephen Ferguson

INTERVIEW WITH IBY-JOLANDE VARGA At the occasion of the premiere
of the film at the DIAGONALE in Graz 2000 (German)
Honorable mention at the National Film Prize of the Federal Chancellery, Austria, 2000
Premiere: 2000, Graz, Diagonale
Production 1998 - 2006:
∞ + 1 = ∞
A 2007, HighRes(2K) digital, colour, 10’
Animation film, 5 kinetic triptychs reflecting on life at the turn of the millennium: BIG BANG – RECYCLING CITY – WINDOW SHOPPING – VIRTUAL PETS – CHANNEL HOPPING. Music composed and performed by Stephen Ferguson.
Produced with a grant of the City of Vienna Cultural Office
Premiere at the International Media Art Festival, Osnabrück
DVD Iby-Jolande Varga, Animationsfilme

Iby-Jolande Varga’s films have been shown in Vienna and all over the world, at festivals, at exhibitions with of objects from the films and in private shows.


Production 2006 - 2013 | 2015: Klanggärten
Interactive animation film for MAC | PC
film version HD 4'35"
based on the musical mobile 7x7 by Karlheinz Essl
from the Project Score Film

Production 2010-2011: NAMADEUS
NAMADEUS Mozarts klingendes Buchstabenspiel KV 516f | Name Game
Interactive terminal with animation (playing with the letters of Mozart's many names). ca. 2 min (loop)
Project commissioned by Haus der Musik Vienna
From the Project Score Film
in progress since 1997  
MUSICOSMICA – Reise ins musikalische Universum
A 2023, 2K, Farbe, 26’10"
VR 360° 8K version in 5 parts
A fairy tale “for children of all ages”
Multimedia and animation film project, based on about 200 objects, visualising musical and music theoretical contexts. With the five journeys CHAOS, ORDER, RHYTHMS, SOUNDS, MELODY.
Music composed and orchestrated by: Stephen Ferguson

in progress since 2003  
After Camille Saint-Saëns. Project with objects, picture book, interactive didactic concept (together with Music Adventure Factory) and animation film
The length of the animation film will presumably be 30–40 min
Music: Camille Saint-Saëns
Status: The pre-production of objects, picture book, conception and script are finished.
Karneval der Tiere
…work in progress
iin development since 2009, in progress since 2018  
A series of wood book studies:

HOT SPOTS Holzbuch Studie I
A 2021, Farbe, fullHD 1:33
With music composed by Stephen Ferguson
Hot Spots – Holzbuch Studie I
SEEDS Holzbuch Studie II
A 2021, Farbe, fullHD 1:54
With music composed by Stephen Ferguson
Seeds – Holzbuch Studie II
PLASMA Holzbuch Studie III
A 2023, Farbe, 2K 2:40
With music composed by Stephen Ferguson
2 more are in progress:
Plasma – Holzbuch Studie III
Iby-Jolande Varga
Roses for Soap Bubble Opera